For those putting their stamp on the world. For those sailing windward.


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Gundalow is proudly born and based in Baltimore, MD. We make the best cold-pressed juice designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. We are devoted to supporting the stamp you are putting on the world. We will fuel your ambitions with uncomplicated ingredients, taste and nutrition. Trendy? No. Consistent, unwavering, and driven? YES.


" As a 'fit foodie' and a busy mother, I am constantly in search of healthy meal/snack/drink options that are both delicious and convenient. "

Shavise Glascoe, Flavor and Soul Blog

" I LOVE that Gundalow sells juice packages NOT cleanses. I totally am on board with resetting my body but without restriction. "

Lauren Seserko, Breathe Deeply and Smile

" Sailor's Delight... It's absolutely amazing.. You guys make some of the best juice I've ever had. I have had a lot, too. "


" I can already tell my sodium levels are back on track. I feel lighter, and the juices taste great! "