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Best Enjoyed Chilled

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Happy Friday Gundalow Gang!

Thanks for letting me introduce myself last week – as many of you know, putting yourself out there isn’t always easy, but as I continue on my New England journey, I am focused on celebrating who I am and welcoming new experiences and friends, I’m looking at you Wheatgrass Shot! Haven't met her yet? You will soon! 

It’s been a busy week with our summer sale in full swing! I’ve been packaged and shipped all along the east coast as the Gundalow Gang takes advantage of 25% off sitewide.  All of this excitement has left me in need for some serious TLC (tender lovin’ care to be exact; however, I’m always in the mood to shake to Waterfalls and No Scrubs).

If you’re looking for an excuse to take a break, National Relaxation Day is headed our way on August 15th, which means I’m taking some time to chill (literally and figuratively) with my Gundalow gang. Every day my goal is to fuel the ambitions of my community, but this next week, here are some ways I’m chilling out:

  • Grabbing lunch with my crew: Some of my favorite pals are mixed green salad, lean protein (Salmon is always a good time), quinoa, fresh veggies and simple vinaigrette. We always make a great lunch date. 
    The Crew Cleanse
  • Watching the sunrise: there’s something special about watching the sun come up, it brings me peace to know that each day is a new opportunity for a fresh start – I usually bring my pal, Dockside Sunrise, along to honor its namesake.
  • Enjoying some “me” time: since I’ve been feeling beet, so I’m setting aside some quiet time to reset – I might nurture my green garden, relax with a good book or tag along for a walk or hike.

How will you celebrate National Relaxation Day with me? Take time for you this week, because if you’re anything like me – your much better chilled.

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