“I get by with a little help from my friends”

A message from our Founder, Dana Sicko:

Being a small business owner can be very lonely at times.  You have a unique set of problems every day and sometimes there is no one to look tto help solve the problems.

I used to feel this way, in the very beginning when I was my only employee.  I had no idea what networking was and I had no idea how to meet other business owners.  Fast forward seven years and I couldn’t feel more opposite about being lonely.  Through my businesses, I have met some of my best friends and I have an entire new set of friendships that I never would have made.  I may not have a water cooler that I can chat around with co-workers, but I have several group chats with other small business owners, work in a co-working kitchen, and work with two teams of amazing women, who I am lucky to call friends and family.  

So, I am excited to reflect and celebrate National Best Friends Day!  From my girl boss best friends to my best friends from pre-school and first grade, thank you for always being there and reminding I am not alone, not matter what. Now, read on for today's blog post by Leah:

National Best Friends Day gives special meaning to the term “Smaltimore” where Gundalow began – we often hear that it is a small world, and the beauty of our “small” world is that there is so much potential for connections with other people, businesses and community organizations. 

To celebrate this friend-filled holiday, we want to help you fuel the ambitions of all of the important people in your life with our Summer Starter! There’s a reason that this package includes two of each juice and shot flavor -  to share with your best friend! For $60 you can enjoy seven pairs of Gundalow concoctions – here are some fun ways to share our Summer Starter:

• Host brunch and swap out your orange juice for our tangerine-inspired Sailor’s Delight
• Grab your workout buddy and cheers your morning run with our Beet Shot
• Avoid the Sunday scaries by running errands with a friend and our Mainstay Green  
• Say Namaste by offering your favorite yogi a Watermelon Waves post-yoga
• Play bartender and mix up tequila-inspired cocktails with our Dockside Sunrise
• Offer the Ginger Shot to a friend recovering from a night out
• Become the family favorite by giving a Starboard Strawberry to a little one in your life (a top pick for kids AND adults)

Collaboration really can win over competition! In honor of National Best Friends Day, be sure to thank the special people in your life.  Don’t underestimate the power of a random phone call, hand-written note, or thoughtful gesture (like sharing a juice) with a friend. You are never alone and we all get by with a little help from our friends.

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