#BostonBound with Gundalow!

#BostonBound with Gundalow!

This week, we have a special guest on our blog: Lauren Seserko from Breathe Deeply and Smile! Lauren has been supporting Gundalow from the beginning, and we've been rooting her on, too. Read on to learn about Lauren's running journey and how she's used Gundalow to fuel her ambition.

This upcoming Monday, I’ll be at the starting line of my sixth marathon. However, this is not just another race, for me it is a celebration of all my accomplishments and how much running has changed my life in the 6+ years since I ran my first 5K race. I will be at one of the oldest and most famous marathons in the land, the Boston Marathon. My main goal for the 2018 Boston Marathon is to enjoy every mile and not focus on a new personal record or ambitious time goal. No matter my goals, a marathon is still a marathon and requires training. After a stress fracture in my foot at the end of 2016 just after my best marathon and my Boston-qualifying time, I have been more cautious with my running and training. For Boston, I followed a lower mileage plan and have increased the importance of rest, recovery, and nutrition.

Besides weekly runs, speed and race pace workouts, there are the sometimes grueling long runs on the weekends, peaking at 20 miles for me. Sometimes instead of you running your plan, your plan can run you- like over! Despite the physical challenges of running a marathon, I find often the bigger challenges are mental. During 26.2 miles there is plenty of time for you to be hurting, want to give up, or doubt yourself. Training yourself to fight through the tough times and stay positive is an important part of the preparation in addition to logging miles. When you are out on the roads or trails running for hours, there is bound to be some lows and highs.

I have focused more on getting adequate sleep and knowing that I need at least my 8 hours of rest or will definitely need a nap if I get less than that. That also includes stretching pre-run, foam-rolling, banded hip and glute exercises, and a couple check-in visits to a physical therapist. Despite treating myself to donuts or something sweet after my long, I also need to be sure I’m getting in good nutrition. All of my previous marathons I’ve trained in the summer which has meant refueling immediately with an ice-cold Gundalow Watermelon Waves juice followed by a post-run shake and breakfast. Training through the winter meant I relied more on the Ginger and Beet Shots to fuel me and keep me healthy. No matter the season or what I’m training for, drinking my standby favorite Mainstay Green juice to get some nutrients in is always great when there have not been enough greens in my diet. Luckily as a Gundalow Ambassador, I know that Gundalow Juice can always help out with fueling my fitness. Now however all the long runs and hard work are done, I just need to stay healthy and hydrated and get to the start line to see what the race day holds for me. Whatever happens during those 26.2 miles, I know that I can handle it and will try to keep smiling.  

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