Getting Back into the Routine, but Better!

Getting Back into the Routine, but Better!
Back to School Blog Hey Gundalow Gang, MG here again this week to help you get back into the swing of things! Whether you’re getting ready to go back to school, your “summer hours” are coming to an end at work, or you’re ready to for football season and PSL’s – we’ve got you covered to help you fall back into your routine. While we all wish that “endless summer” was a real thing, the changing seasons and shorter days provide a new opportunity to hit the reset button. The crew and I are here to make sure convenient nutrition is an easy and delicious part of your fall routine. Not sure how?

MG at your service:
• Lunch Love. This could be the apple talking, but Gundalow juice is a core component of a healthy lunch on the go – for adults and kids alike! Kids love when they open their lunch box to see a Sailor’s Delight or Starboard Strawberry. The Beet Shot has also been a family favorite at the local markets.

• Green on the Go. For those of you who run the other way at the sign of me and my friends – give green a chance! With my added apple for sweetness, green never tasted so good! • Afternoon Pick-Me-Up. If you haven’t noticed, our small but mighty shot family is growing! When that 2 PM slump comes around, you can count on cayenne in our Watermelon Shot or ginger and turmeric in our Ginger Shot to pack a powerful punch that will keep you going.

• Pre-Workout Win. On-the-go before your workout? Bring Watermelon Waves along for the ride. Studies show that drinking watermelon juice before a workout can reduce muscle soreness – leaving you ready to take on the rest of your week!

• Common-Sense Cleanse. If you haven’t heard, our cleanses are food-friendly! That’s right – you can enjoy the Gundalow Gang as a sidekick to a healthy meal (I go great with lean protein, mixed veggies and quinoa)!

• Team Tailgate. Dockside Sunrise isn’t called “Margarita in a Bottle” for nothing! Make Gundalow part of your pre-game ritual by combining tequila with DS or kick off your tailgate with Gundalosas. I’m also part of the Hangover Helper gang for those weekends where “taking it easy” just isn’t an option. Discovering your fall routine can be a fun process – especially when convenient nutrition is along for the ride. Don’t just take my word for it – give the Gundalow gang a try and let us know how we’ve made making healthy choices and easy part of your daily routine.

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