Make Small Big

Make Small Big
This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of being surrounded by some of the most powerful people in business. Sure there were some big names there: Tyler Perry, Melanie Whelan, Jo Malone, Mike Bloomberg, Sarah Blakely, and Warren Buffet (let me pick up the names I dropped), but the most powerful people there were the 2,000 small business owners at the first ever 10KSB Summit in Washington, D.C.

It was amazing and I was in awe of my fellow colleagues and alumni who are changing their community and lives of those around them by what they are building. Small business owners do not own their businesses to be rich, they do it because they believe they can make a difference and so they do. It is impossible to come away from a meeting like that uninspired.

I was so lucky to meet so many wonderful people who were excited to help move us to the next level like Congressman Sarbanes and Senator Van Hollen. They listened to our questions and shared our concerns.

Small business is anything but small. Did you know small businesses employ the majority of our work force? That’s why it is so important to shop small- real people own these small businesses and your purchase goes a lot further than you think. So spend a couple more dollars, ask for the story (it’s usually good) and thank you for helping make small big!

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