Red, White and Gratitude

Red, White and Gratitude

Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived! At Gundalow, there are so many reasons why we love this unofficial kick-off to summer. For many of us, this weekend will be filled with pool parties, cookouts, weekend getaways and other celebrations (best paired with a Gundalow cocktail, mocktail or juice)!

And while the three-day weekend is definitely something to celebrate, we also wanted to recognize the true meaning behind this patriotic holiday – the people who have sacrificed their lives and those who continue to serve to give us the opportunity fuel our ambitions freely. So, while you’re enjoying all that this weekend has to offer – here are a few ways to show gratitude for the brave individuals and families who truly deserve the recognition:

    1. Visit a war memorial in your city (or the city you’re traveling to)
    2. Attend a Memorial Day community event
    3. Volunteer at a veteran’s hospital
    4. Send a care package or thank you letter to a soldier
    5. Invite a military family over for a meal  
    6. Place flags on the graves of fallen soldiers
    7. Donate clothes to organization’s like the Purple Heart
    8. Say “thank you” to someone in uniform
    9. Dedicate your yoga practice to a military family or member
  • Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 PM by pausing for 60 seconds in an act of national unity to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to give us freedom

  • In honor of MDW, we want to give you even more reason to celebrate by offering a special bundle – the Gundalow Summer Starter! For $60, you can enjoy two bottles of each of our nutritious juices AND shots. Sweeten the deal by purchasing for a service member or bringing to your weekend cookout for a guilt-free mixer. The Summer Starter provides the perfect fuel for all of your weekend adventures.

    As we enjoy all that this weekend has to offer, take a moment to recognize the true meaning behind Memorial Day and the invaluable gift of freedom that we all get to enjoy. From all of us at Gundalow, thank you to our service members and their families for the opportunity to fuel our ambitions – we are so grateful for your service.

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