No one wants to hear you complain about your juice cleanse.

No one wants to hear you complain about your juice cleanse.

The Idea Behind the Crew Cleanse… and it is not to starve yourself!

When I got started in the juice industry, I was making juice for a lot of people who only wanted to drink juice for the entire day.  I visited juice bars and companies along the East Coast and every business was promoting juice-only cleanses. This notion and practice went against everything that I had learned in college while getting my BS in Nutrition and a lot of my personal nutrition philosophy.  Above all else, I believe that if you are in touch with your body, then you know what is best for it. I believe that there is no one size fits all for nutrition and health and you have to find what works best for you, so if just drinking juice is what makes you and your body happy, go for it! You know your body better than I do.  With that said, for most people I don’t think that drinking 1200-1500 calories of only juice for an allotted amount of days is the best way to cleanse their body. This is why we ALWAYS recommend eating food along with drinking your juices. I feel this way for a couple of reasons:

1. For most people I know, 1200-1500 calories/ day is simply not enough energy.  So many of you are super active and have these incredible Instagrams that inspire me to go do more because you all are conquering marathons, Iron Mans, literal mountains, and, big career goals.  In other words, you all live large and not enough calories means you aren’t going to be performing your very best every day. These 1200-1500 calories barely cover the average person’s basal metabolic rate, which is basically the amount of calories you burn just being alive in a day and getting all your organs to work, your heart to pump, etc.  That is not including your intense spin class, running to catch the train, or even the calories needed to break down your food or juice. Though this seems like a quick way to shed some pounds, you are likely setting yourself up for overeating in the future. Not consuming enough calories for your activity can make you really tired, which is usually when we are reaching for those chips, ice cream, and pizza.  Keep it balanced when you are juicing so that you can keep up a healthy lifestyle post-cleansing.

2. Juice shouldn’t make you an angry, miserable person. Life is way too damn short to have a miserable day that you bring on yourself.  Yes, a juice cleanse is going to cleanse your system and if you are trying to lessen your caffeine addiction or sugar addiction it might be a good time to remove these items from your diet... and it might lead to a headache.  Your body is detoxing, but this is when it is important to also drink water with your juices. So many of us are very dehydrated and restoring our body to a proper level of hydration can help a multitude of problems from tight muscles, to skin problems, to energy levels.  Also, don’t be miserable because you think you need to only drink juice and can’t chew anything because you can- what is stopping you? In addition, there are tons of healthy foods you SHOULD be eating while also drinking juice. Let juice and food live in harmony so that you may live in harmony.

3. We have teeth, keep using them!  We were given these teeth to tear, chomp, and break through foods.  It’s cool to keep using them. We recommend getting great lean sources of protein (try beans, fish, eggs, organic meats, nuts), dietary fiber (try the fruits and vegetables in non-juice form and whole grains like brown rice and quinoa), and variety!  

I love to cleanse my body with our juices to introduce a burst of vitamins, minerals and hydration and I make sure that I am incorporating balanced nutrition with food.  I honestly feel so much better when I follow the Crew Cleanse and eat our recommended pairings. I am not exactly sure why society gave cold-pressed juice so much power that it could change your schedule, your exercise routine, and your mood all in the name of cleansing.  With Gundalow Juice, this is NEVER our philosophy. Instead, we believe that juice should enhance your life, not take away from it. Every single day that you are able to take your body and mind further than the day before, TAKE IT.  It is hard to be your best self when you are undernourished, so be sure to follow our recommendations when you follow our Crew Cleanse so you don’t become an angry, miserable juice cleanser, because no one might tell you this, but I will - it’s really annoying to hear you complain.  

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