Nutrition don't mean a thing without FLAVOR.

Nutrition don't mean a thing without FLAVOR.

   Three years ago, my personal chef clients were ordering cold-pressed juices from all over the country.  They would open a bottle, take a swig of juice, grimace, put the cap back on, and then place in the refrigerator, where the nutrients would then die without being enjoyed.  Noticing this among several people, I asked, why are you buying these and not drinking them.  The answer usually was, "They are supposed to be good for me," or "They help me lose weight."  The truth is if you don't actually drink them, you aren't getting the nutrients and benefits of the juice.  Even though you might buy that juice with the absolute best intentions, unless you actually drink its contents it's not doing anything for you, but draining your wallet.

   I saw this same thing happen a lot when I was a nutrition counselor.  People would purchase bags of produce for them to sadly go bad in the refrigerator.  They had the best intentions of being as nutritious as possible, but we don't yet have the technology to make vegetables magically move into your stomach, bypassing your tastebuds.  Gundalow Juice was born out of this idea, that's why we made juice that tasted great (first and foremost), using only ingredients that were good for you.

   Choosing approachable foods is the first step to make better nutrition part of our lifestyle.  It has to be approachable in ingredients, convenience, and of course, taste.  A healthier lifestyle is not a mountain, it's a molehill.  Make one change, that tastes good, and see how your life changes.  Change your daily candy bar for a handful of raisins, or your soda for some Sailor's Delight.  Choose nutritious items you actually want to pass by your taste buds and you will be healthier and happier for it.  One change, start today.

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