What are you proud of?

What are you proud of?

Pride. As we get older, the word itself can bring different emotions and give new meaning to our goals and accomplishments in life. When we’re young, many of us yearn to hear our parents and role models say that they’re proud of us. But as we enter adulthood, pride in ourselves and our communities becomes something that we begin (or should begin) to take ownership of.

The realization that we can fuel our own ambitions with our work ethic, compassion, and commitment can be an exciting but daunting responsibility, it all depends on how you look at it. But part of adulting and “finding our calling” is listening to that voice in our heads, and more importantly in our hearts, that tells us we’re on the right path.

Oftentimes, we revert to relying on others to provide us with those moments of pride – a compliment from a friend, a promotion at work, a tag on social media, or praise from a parent. But there are so many ways for us to recognize our own success and be proud of who we are, or who we’re striving to become. As we begin to celebrate Independence Day across the country this weekend, it brings a chance for all of us to pause and reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far this year. Here are a few ways we’re doing this at Gundalow and across the Baltimore community:

  • Recognize growth. Last week aboard the new water taxis in Baltimore, Gundalow’s founder, Dana Sicko, took the opportunity to reflect on how much Gundalow has grown in Baltimore since it began, and how much opportunity is still ahead as the business expands up north to New England. If you’re lucky enough to have a waterfront view this weekend, take a moment to think about how much you’ve grown this year, or use the vastness of the water to inspire you to see your potential.


  • Celebrate who you are. Sometimes just being your authentic self can be a huge accomplishment. For many here in Baltimore earlier this month, the word pride represented an opportunity for the LGBTQ/SGL community to express who they are and bring awareness to the importance of equality, understanding, and respect among all people, regardless of their sexual and gender identities. Reflect on the moments where you were unapologetically yourself and be proud of those moments.


  • Sail windward. Our motto at Gundalow truly embodies the word pride. Our drive be unique and persevere through challenges in life provides opportunities to be proud. Whether this year has brought a list of new accomplishments or tested you with unexpected setbacks, you are in control of your destiny. Take this time to set a meaningful goal – something you know you can be proud of – and be relentless in your pursuit to achieve that goal. Regardless of the outcome, the journey to get there will undoubtedly be something to celebrate.

Pride can come in many forms – pride for your accomplishments, your community, your country, your identity and more. How will you fuel your ambitions with us this weekend? We want to know – what are you proud of?

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