The Workout Bundle
The Workout Bundle The Workout Bundle The Workout Bundle The Workout Bundle
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The Workout Bundle

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(7) Pre-workout Beet Shots
(7) During/ Post Workout Watermelon Waves

We want to fuel you for your best workout so you can be the best you. There is nothing worse than having a bad workout because you weren’t properly fueled. Did you know that juice is perfect for your workout? The reason is that juice can be easily broken down and quickly be converted to usable energy. In addition to the high-quality carbohydrates, there are micronutrients and nutritional components in each juice that can help you increase the intensity of your workout.

We think the combination of the Beet Shot and Watermelon Waves is the best for helping push through that extra mile, squat, tuck, or sprint. You’ve got this and we’ve got you.

-Pre-Workout: The Beet Shot- Have you heard about Olympic athletes drinking beet juice? It’s for a good reason! Beets contain nitrates, deriving from nitrogen in the soil where the beet grows. The nitrates can reduce blood pressure and increase vasodilation, helping the flow of oxygen to the muscles and increasing your aerobic capacity. Enjoy fifteen minutes before your spin class or run!

-During/ Post Workout: Watermelon Waves- Have you ever looked at the nutrition facts of our Watermelon Waves? If not, it contains 3 gram of protein per bottle. Watermelons contain an amino acid, Citrulline, that converts to arginine in your body that promotes blood flow, as well as, vasodilation. Proteins are also the building blocks of our body that can promote muscle development. Watermelons are also great sources of antioxidants, which combat free radicals, and of course hydration. We like to freeze our Watermelon Waves so that it is a perfect icy treat during a tough as nails workout.