About Gundalow Juice

Gundalow Juice is solely made with fruits and vegetables — no added water, sugars, chemicals or caffeine. A simple list of ingredients is on the front of each bottle, conveying the company is committed to transparency and purity. All Gundalow Juice is cold-pressed using HPP (also known as Pascalization), which ensures that our customers get the highest yield of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and a startling fresh taste without the use of preservatives. 

Gundalow Juice is best enjoyed with a meal, as a pre-workout boost or post-workout replenishment, and also serves as an excellent cocktail mixer.​

As a Baltimore-based company, maritime metaphors are irresistible. Sail Windward (#sailwindward) is the company motto, and captures our drive to be unique and turn apparent challenges into tactical advantages. The company name derives from an historic flat-bottom vessel native to the New England seacoast, a gundalow, which was used to ferry goods from the large ships in port to the small towns of the seacoast. No two gundalows were alike. Like the hardworking gundalow, our juices deliver the nutrients and nourishment your body needs.

Gundalow Juice was founded in 2014 with its first official sale out of the back of the founder’s Fiat on the Under Armour corporate campus. The founder Dana Sicko and her operations director Lisa Poist are a daughter and mother team. Sicko earned her B.S. in Nutritional Sciences, Didactic Program in Dietetics from the University of New Hampshire. After graduation, Sicko founded her personal chef & boutique catering service: Gundalow Gourmet (formerly Nutreatious). She started making fresh, original juice concoctions for clients. Backed by a multitude of Gundalow Ambassadors, including fitness instructors, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and others working to put their stamp on the world, Gundalow Juice has quickly established itself as a beloved brand and daily beverage of choice for the foodie, fitness-conscious, and entrepreneurial communities.