Q: When should I drink my Gundalow Juice?
All the time, of course! There is no wrong way to drink Gundalow Juice. We simply recommend drinking at least one juice per day. You may want that S.S.Veggie when you first wake up, starting the day off with a power blend of fruits and vegetables. You might prefer a Watermelon Waves as part of your warm-up routine. Or crave Sailor’s Delight in a mocktail or cocktail in the evening.  

Q: Can I cleanse with Gundalow Juice?
We do not believe in drinking solely juice to cleanse your body. You need more calories and a diversity of nutrients to keep you functioning at your absolute best. We don’t believe in changing your life for juice but rather, letting the juice change your life!

Check out our cleanse page to learn more about incorporating juice into your daily regimen.

Q: Do Gundalow juices have added sugar?
There are no added sugars in GJ, just the sugar from the fruits and vegetables pressed into the bottle. Fruit sugar is called fructose and is a different chemical structure from sucrose, table sugar. Fructose and HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP are two very different things.

Q: Where can I buy Gundalow juices?
We are sold in the Mid-Atlantic in places like Whole Foods, Eddies, Graul’s, work out studios, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. You can look on our website for a complete list of places near you. Or better yet, simply order online and ship to your home or office.

Q: What is the shelf life of your juices?
Our juices have a 60-day shelf life from the day they are made.

Q: What is HPP?
HPP = High Pressure Processing
This is a preservation and food safety method that allows us to be more sustainable, retains more of the original nutrition from the fruits and vegetables used, and makes our juices safe for everyone to drink.

The process works like this:
Once our juice is made, we cap the juice off and put it into an HPP machine. It is here that the juice is put under immense amounts of pressure to rid the juice of any pathogens and/ or harmful bacteria. In essence, the machine is a hyperbaric pressure chamber. The juices are not heated in this process, allowing the juice to keep its beautiful bright color, great flavor, and nutrition.

Q: Which juices do you recommend before/after a workout?
Before a workout:
I recommend our Beet Shot or Mainstay Green. Beets and Greens have small amounts of nitrates which can help dilate your blood vessels allowing more oxygen to flow to your blood stream to help your muscles work harder for longer amounts of time.

After a workout, grab a Watermelon Waves. Watermelon naturally has 3 grams of protein per bottle, because it is rich in amino acids. It is also incredibly hydrating and it is believed that melon can reduce your body heat.

Q: What is a Gundalow?
A Gundalow is a historic vessel ship once common to the waterways of New Hampshire and Maine. It was the workhorse of the region and it was responsible for the development of many towns throughout the New England Seacoast. Its job was to take goods from port and deliver to the seacaost towns.

Q: When are my juices arriving?
We ship juices out of our facility Monday-Wednesday.  Once they are shipped they take about 2 days to get to you via the mail or UPS.  In the Baltimore area, we sometimes have Brett, owner of Rooftop Hot and person voted most likely to brighten your day hand deliver them to you.  Because juice must be refrigerated, we cannot ship for Saturday or Sunday delivery.  Too many times the juice is not delivered which means rerouting the juice back to our facility and you getting juice much later than planned.  We do try to get each package out ASAP so you can enjoy your juice ASAP!  During bad weather, it might take your juice a little longer to get to you, we are sorry for the inconvenience, but we also have to respect mother nature and the safety of those responsible getting your package to you.

Q: Which juices/shots do you recommend for inflammation?
The GInger Shot and Dockside Sunrise are my go-to’s for fighting inflammation. Pineapple contains an amino acid, Bromelain, which helps fight inflammation. Ginger, lemon, and turmeric are an inflammation-fighting team! Not to mention an antioxidant boost!

Q: what are the benefits of juice vs. smoothies?
Juices are beneficial because your body is able to absorb nutrients quickly and easily without working too hard. Many people feel a boost in energy shortly after drinking juice because their bodies are able to absorb the micronutrients without making the intestinal track work very hard, which can leave us quite tired.

Q: So what do you do with your pulp?
Because we remove the pulp from the juice, we are able to donate the pulp to a non-profit, RoHo Compost.   Check them out, they are awesome!

Q: What is the difference between a juice and a shot?
A shot is a more concentrated experience than a juice. Juices can be sipped over the course of a meal or about 30 minutes. The shots are meant to be enjoyed at once, to give you a bright boost of nourishment, taste, and health.

Q: Can I drink your juices if I have diabetes?
Always consult your doctor before drinking our juices if you are diabetic.