Gundalow for Gilt: The Reboot
Gundalow for Gilt: The Reboot Gundalow for Gilt: The Reboot
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Gundalow for Gilt: The Reboot

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Not feeling quite yourself lately? Enjoy the Reboot Cleanse package made for Gilt!  This cleanse is made to help clean your system without sacrificing food and not getting angry drinking juice.  Our juice is delicious and we also recommend you eat great food while you drink juice! 

Each day you will receive the following juices:
2 Ginger Shots
1 Beet Shot
3 Mainstay Green
2 Dockside Sunrise
1 Starboard Strawberry
1 Sailor's Delight
1 Watermelon Waves

Gundalow Juice is so excited to be partnering with Gilt City!  Our founder has been a little obsessed with the site so we are pumped to be partnering with the site that has been bringing luxury brand and experiences in an approachable way! For that exact reason, we believe Gundalow and Gilt for perfect partners and we are excited to be offering a cleanse to help you reboot to your best self.  Take on the rest of 2018 hydrated, replenished, and empowered  Enjoy pre- and post-workout, to perk you up during a work meeting, to boost your immunity (looking at you Ginger Shot), and even to enjoy a wonderful craft cocktail (#dontcompromiseyourcocktail).