The Gundalow Cocktail Kit
The Gundalow Cocktail Kit
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The Gundalow Cocktail Kit

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Wondering how you can have your cocktail and not the hangover the next morning? Look no further than the Gundalow Juice cocktail kit! Everything you need for a cozy night of cocktails!  Also, we all know we have graduated from the days of drinking alcohol that smelled more like nail polish remover than alcohol so why are you still mixing your cocktails with a lame mixer, we are looking at you vanilla-flavored cola! Don't compromise your cocktail, mix it with Gundalow!

Cold-pressed Cocktail Kit:
6 total juices: Sailor’s Delight, Starboard Strawberry & Dockside Sunrise
+ 2 glasses - 2 plain clear glasses (there is no gold on the glasses)
+ 1 jigger
+ 1 cocktail recipe card

Please drink responsibly.

Photo Courtesy of Right Foot Creative